Amos locks the doors


President, District Attorney
feud locks down PPG building



By Jason Browne

Anyone trying to get into  the Popich Building on the afternoon of Feb. 15 found the doors locked and a sign announcing numbers to call to state their business and request
someone to come down and let them in. The building at 8056 Highway 23, in Belle Chasse, which houses the offices of parish president Amos Cormier III, the Plaquemines Port Harbor & Terminal District and various other government offices, is generally
open to the public, but was locked on Cormier’s orders.
 “He’s calling up and harassing my secretary and parish employees, attempting to get them to comply with his grand jury witch hunt.” said Cormier

Ballay also confirmed that an employee in Cormier’s office had been subpoenaed to
appear before the grand jury the morning of Feb. 15 and stated that he made multiple
calls to the Popich Building asking when the employee would appear.

Eventually, Ballay said parish attorney Shane Landry informed him over the phone that the subpoenaed employee would not appear based  on Cormier’s advisement.
“I suppose they must have thought we were going to send somebody over there
to do an attachment on that person, which can happen. You can send a deputy to arrest
someone (who is subpoenaed to appear in court),” said Ballay.


Please tell me what kind of Parish President not only impedes an investigation but also forbids an employee from honoring a court ordered subpoena? 
Now let me re ask the question what type of LAWYER locks the doors to keep their employee from honoring a court ordered subpoena?
Had something to hide Lil Amos?   I would think Law School for Dummies can give you the correct answer, Would you like me to send you a copy?

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