Little White Lies

In April of 2011, the Council hired the Bickford firm to represent the PPG in suing BP for the oil spill.  Billy Nungesser ( Previous Parish President)  signed a contract.  The lawyer fees were based on a percentage – 15% of the first $25 million and 10% on anything over that.  Those percentages were read out loud at the council meeting.  Billy signed the contract as the council ordered him to do.  Fast forward   6 years.   Amos takes office, the BP lawsuit still continuing.  We are notified that we will be receiving $45 million. Everyone seems happy……..wrong  Amos announces in July that he was not paying Bickford because “the ordinance did not recite the percentage” – so even though there is a signed contract – even though the attorney did the work – Amos and Peter don’t want to pay the attorney?  It is our understanding that most lawyers got paid 25% for BP claims.

 How can you claim that the lawyer’s contract is no good because of an ordinance THE GOVERNMENT PREPARED??  Can the PPG really take advantage of its own negligence if, in fact, the ordinance is invalid?

Well, rumor has it that Bickford on the one hand and Barbee and Cormier on the other butted heads over attorney fees in the Sun Drilling case over a year ago.  So might it be possible that Amos and Peter are using taxpayer dollars to pay a private attorney (Andy Wilson) to litigate the fee?  Revenue and Retribution?  A common theme that is behind the original 4 lawsuits and now that that theme appears to be playing out in the Cormier administration.

It is also my understanding that the $10 million is tied up because Bickford is claiming that if the contract is invalid, he might be owed more money than the contract said because of something called quantum meruit?  So instead of paying the attorney what the contract says – Cormier is using our money to pay a private attorney to do legal battle with the attorney who also was against Amos in another case?  I don’t know about you, but I am tired of politicians using OUR money to wage war with people they don’t like.  IF WE ARE TO MOVE FORWARD – THIS FOOLISHNESS HAS TO STOP.


I will be sharing all the court documents for this case also, Amos has actually cost us money in this case but still gets on television and boast about his largest settlement in Plaquemines Parish History.   Well,  Amos, you may want to set that record straight because I will be soon.   

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