Sign the contract

Plaquemines District Attorney Sues  P.P.G./Amos Cormier after he refuses to Sign Contract

On February 3, 2017   Judge Conner heard the case of   District Attorney Charles Ballay/CDW Services, LLC versus P.P.G. and Parish President Amos Cormier III for Amos’s failing to honor and execute a contract on the District Attorney’s new building.

CDW was awarded the project in November of 2016 after being the low bidder for the contract.  CDW submitted all the necessary paperwork as of January of 2017.  Amos has refused to sign the contract which left CDW with no other alternative but to take Amos to court to force him to sign the contract.

“The case law is very strong. It says, once you get to this point, it is the president’s ministerial duty to complete
and sign the contract. There are numerous cases supporting
that,” said Ballay

I think it is imporant to mention that the District Attorney’s  current location is in really bad shape and rest at the bottom of a levee and whenever it rains the runoff from the levee pours water into their office.   In addition to the wet/moldy office they have a constant battle with working plumbing.  This was a temporary placement that was in poor shape to begin with that is literally crumbling around them and Amos refuses to sign the contract because of his vendetta with the current District Attorney.

 There is more to come on this situation . Stay tuned 

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