still no evidence

During the April 27 th Council Meeting Charlie Burt placed on the agenda for an executive session a discussion in regards to Robert Barnett, who did not attend the meeting but was asked to report back and provide an update in regards to the cases.

“I asked (Barnett) to report back at the next meeting and provide an update. Provide the entire council with
information on what’s going on and provide evidence to
the full council. They (the parish legal team) really haven’t
discussed anything with us,” said Burt.

Robert Barnett and Amos have something in common they were both Parish Attorney’s fired!

“Mr. Barnett is running the meter up again. From May of 2016 to March 2017 we’ve paid him over $200,000,” said District 3 Council Member Kirk Lepine.

“It’s just the same old witch hunt,” said District 8 Council Member Jeff Edgecombe.

“We wasted a couple hundred grand we didn’t have and  nothing came out of it to recoup any of the money
we spent.” “It’s going to be very unfortunate if we spend all this money based on frivolous accusations and rumors,” said
District 2 Council Member Beau Black.

Cormier offered a vote of confidence, saying “Mr. Barnett
has been paid to defend this administration.”

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