Land for Sale in Biloxi?

Think about this one.

            Amos’s big claim to fame is that he alone confected “the largest settlement in Plaquemines Parish  History”.  Here are the facts – as gleaned from newspaper articles, and conversations with many attorneys who have handled BP claims.

        Plaquemines Parish Government  hired the Bickford firm sometime in the April 2011 to represent it in the BP litigation.  As I discussed the BP claims process in general with several attorneys who did BP claims for their clients,  I learned that the settlements came in waves and the timing was based on classification of claims.  Those who had seafood claims and oyster lease damages were among the first to be paid, generally beginning in 2012 and continuing thereafter.  Business loss claims came next, followed by the wetlands claims.  In July of 2015, BP announced a settlement with the majority of state and local governments.  Plaquemines and the Town of Jean Lafitte were holdouts from that round of settlements, the offer being made to PPG being too low.  While no one knows for sure, the attorneys I spoke to suspect that the Judge, Carl Barbier, was putting pressure on BP by 2017 to get all claims settled, including the Plaquemines claims.  Hence, in May of 2017, the PPG settled with BP for $45 million.

            Lil Amos claims to have settled this suit all by himself because the “New Orleans lawyers” – meaning the Bickford firm, et al, were just “sitting” on it.  I guess the work done by the Bickford firm over 6 years together with the $660,000 in expenses advanced by the firm had NOTHING to do with the settlement amount.  No – it was a chance meeting of some woman who worked for Pat Juneau at the LA 23 BBQ who gave Lil Amos secret information that resulted in the PPG settling for $45 million.

            In speaking to my many legal sources, the consensus is that regardless of WHO was Parish President at the time, BP was under pressure to either try the case or settle it in 2017.  Of course, I am sure that Lil Amos claiming that the Parish would have to file bankruptcy in 2017 did a lot to “increase” the offer by BP.  Usually – in the legal settlement game – you tell the other side that you are ready, willing, able and eager to go to trial.  You don’t tell them that you desperately need the money and are about to go bankrupt.  So who knows how much money was left on the table?

            So, if you believe that lil Amos negotiated the BP settlement all by “hisself” and the Bickford firm had nothing to do with it, Please contact me – I have some land about 20 miles due south of Biloxi I want to sell you.

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