On April 18, 2017 of the Plaquemines Gazette, when questioned about the Plaquemines Parish Government v. W. Keith Hinkley, et al. lawsuit, lil Amos responded that because the case predates his administration, he’s allowing the parish legal team to decide whether or not to pursue its claims against Hinkley. “That action was filed before I took office. The legal team is handling it, so I really don’t have the knowledge to respond,” said Cormier. “But I will note that action was filed with a majority vote of the (parish) council.”

            Prior to his election, during the debates, when asked about the 4 lawsuits filed against former employees including the Hinkley lawsuit,

lil Amos responded:

“This is one area Jeff where my legal experience will benefit the Parish and save us some money because I will apply my legal analysis to what’s going on.  I have not been privy to the executive sessions, but I will get myself up to date and I will do the cost-benefit analysis.  Naturally, if we can recoup monies that are rightfully due to the people and the Parish, we’ll pursue it.  If its small monies and we are going to wind up spending more on legal fees than what we recoup, then the cost-benefit analysis won’t work.”

            What a contrast?  Out of one side of his mouth, lil Amos boasts that his legal skill will help the Parish and that he “would get himself up to date and do the cost-benefit analysis.”  Out of the other side of his mouth, he states that the “legal team is handling it and I really don’t have the knowledge to respond”.  What happened to his campaign pledge that he would get himself up to date and do the cost-benefit analysis?  Another lie?  Or did he do the cost-benefit analysis and just got it flat wrong?

            Oh yeah – no wonder he hates the Plaquemines Gazette – our “local rag” – they always seem to find of way of providing Amos with an “inconvenient truth”.


We Deserve Better than Cormier, Please vote Any Body But Amos 

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