Shake My Head in Disbelief


It is called R E S P E C T

The more that I think about it the angrier I get with lil Amos’s complete lack of respect towards our Justice System.  In the memo previously shared, he refers to one of the local Judge’s by “Clement”.     This is from the same guy who puts up signs with ” THE HONORABLE AMOS CORMIER” written all over them!   This is the same guy who sends out memos on the proper way to address him within the Parish Government !!!  But he can not even address the  Judge by his proper title and instead calls him “Clement” or “Mr. Clements”.  Please tell me what makes lil Amos “Honorable” but the Judge just  “Clement”?

Then at the last Council Meeting, there was a proclamation to honor our local newspaper, The Plaquemines Gazette which celebrates its 90th Anniversary.  Keep in mind this is the official newspaper of Plaquemines Parish and lil Amos refused to sign the proclamation or stand for a picture with the Gazette employees and owners.  He refers to the Gazette as the “local rag”.   

He has made comments about the design of the Council Chambers saying he has 9 Supreme Court Justices looking down on him and that his chair should be elevated above the Council Members and they should be looking up at him?

Then let’s not forget about his comments about being at “war” with the D.A.   I can keep going on and on but I will stop for now……………


So My Question to everyone is how can the Parish come together when the current administration does nothing but try and tear us apart?   

Please consider Burghardt Turner or Kirk Lepine for Parish President of Plaquemines Parish.  We Deserve Better than Amos.  It is time to bring the Parish together!!!




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