Thank you, Mr. Paine


I Will Not Be Silenced

I have noticed several statements in social media regarding the anonymity of this blog.  I wish to respond with the following question – Has Mr. Cormier used his office to “get” people who don’t agree with him or with whom he has had his differences?.

Ask the 16 defendants in the 4 lawsuits that Mr. Cormier has continued to pursue and appealed, even after losing.  They might say yes.

Ask Charles Ballay who has had to fight for nearly 2 years for a building the Parish government promised him before Mr. Cormier took office.  He might say yes

Ask Mr. Bickford who had a fee dispute with lil Amos in the Sun Drilling case?  He might say yes.

Over 200 years ago, a small pamphlet was released anonymously to the colonists advocating independence from England,   It was called Common Sense.  Some credit that small 49-page pamphlet as one of the driving forces that created our United States.  It was written by Thomas Paine.

I have strived to detail and give you the reader the facts only.  Countless hours of research and fact-checking have gone into what is reported on this blog.  I have purposely stayed away from the name calling and personal attacks that often accompany a negative campaign. I am only interested in facts regarding the job performance of our current parish president,

I challenge anyone to call me out on anything that I have reported – as it relates to the truth,  If you can find any fact that I have reported as not true, and have the evidence to back it up,  send me an e-mail or post something on social media,, and I will be man enough to admit I was wrong and post a public apology to Mr. Cormier.  However, I will not be silenced and will not be intimidated.  I will only report the truth.  It is my first amendment right.  Thank you, Mr. Paine.

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