Another Day at the Office for lil Amos

What Contractor would even want to bid in Plaquemines Parish if this is what you have to go through?

In 2016 President Amos Cormier, Jr. and his administration decided to proceed with renovations to the Fire Dept Administration Building (Bldg. # 800) at the Parish Consolidated Gov’t site on Hebert Drive in Belle Chasse. As you may know, this was part of the former Belle Chasse State School site and while the buildings were still sound, they all needed some renovations to bring them up to code and to make them better to use. This is what was done for the building for many PPG offices and the Council Buildings.
The funds to be used were from the federal government and part of the Hazard Mitigation Grant Program (HMGP). The work was put out to bid in mid-2016 – it was advertised and was a public bid project. Some of the HMGP funds were spent on plans, engineering and bid work. Contractors were invited to bid and attend pre-bid meetings. After going through the process Crescent Commercial Construction was the low bidder at $346,700 and was issued a Notice of Award of this bid on November 28, 2016. As customary, Crescent then buys his insurance for the job and begins work by notifying his work crews and anticipated start of the job. All that was left to do was for PPG to sign the contract and the notice to proceed with the work issued. Should be typical, right?

What happens from here on is very peculiar and very anti-business.
lil Amos becomes parish president on January 9, 2017. While Crescent is ready to proceed, to do the job that PPG requested in bid documents,  lil Amos puts Crescent off and gives no reason for delay or non-action. You know like every other piece of paper on his desk waiting to be signed.   After waiting patiently for months to start the job and trying to meet with lil Amos to find out what his problem was, Crescent is forced to file suit on May 15, 2017. [see case no. 63-716 in clerk’s office]

After the usual legal attempts by Amos to stop the lawsuit – losing all motions – it was going to trial. What does lil Amos do?  Lil Amos tells  Crescent that  PPG wants to settle the case. If Crescent dismisses its case PPG would sign the contract.  Sounds reasonable, right?  But see what lil Amos does next.  Lil  Amos’ true intent comes out.   Lil Amos never intended to enter into a contractual agreement with Crescent – not at least in the way any normal person would do, especially someone representing a parish government that is doing business with others.

Crescent Commercial agreements


Do you see the blank dates in the letter of cancellation?? Obviously, it was prepared before the contract was signed! This tactic has become a standard operating procedure for lil Amos and his band of unethical attorneys. How can you tell someone you are going to settle a case, sign docs as if you are, and then pull the rug out from under them? They had Crescent to actually dismiss its case since PPG would allow Crescent to proceed with the job. Dirty, unethical work by lil Amos.

It seems that lil Amos’ tactic is that if you cannot win in a court of law and order, you do whatever it takes to carry out your plan. Kind of like some dictatorships. All for lil Amos’ own vindictive ego and incompetent management at the expense of taxpayers.

Crescent says it is due over $130,000 for its damages, and this doesn’t include the HMGP monies already spent on plans and engineering and PPG funds and labor spent on getting the project out to bid. So another waste of tax dollars by lil Amos doing what he wants and not doing what the law says. Is he going to pay this back – don’t hold your breath!  The taxpayers of Plaquemines Parish will be paying this back.  Can we take 4 more years of this kind of rule? Or better yet can we take 8 more years of this kind of rule? Yes, I said 8 that is how much longer lil Amos plans to be in office as what was told to someone recently.  Just close your eyes and envision what this Parish looks like with lil Amos at the helm for the last 2 years…………now fast forward  4 years……… now close your eyes and envision what this Parish will look like in 8 more years.   Frightening isn’t it?

Plaquemines Parish, we have a choice there are 3 candidates running for Parish President one has been given a chance and has utterly failed. I will ask that each of yall contact Burghardt Turner or Kirk Lepine.  Please consider one of them as our next Parish President.

Wouldn’t you agree that We Deserve Better than lil Amos?

It is time to start moving this Parish Forward!!!



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