Shake My Head

The Cormier Push Poll

            Lo and Behold, I received a phone call Thursday night.  It was a poll.  It was quite humorous.

Question 1– Do you agree or disagree that Kirk Lepine has a high school diploma and is a hairdresser and is part of a failing Council?

Question 2 – Do you agree or strongly agree that Amos Cormier is a Loyola University law school graduate with excellent academic performance  has studied abroad, fluently speaks many different languages, has a successful law practice and as Plaquemines Parish President has brought the Parish out of record high debt due to the  high spending from the failing Council?

            There were other questions, but these stand out.  There is no way that the polls could have produced any kind of usable information for lil Amos, so I assume its purpose was just for political advertisement.  But since he brought up the issue of Mr. Lepine’s educational background and station in life I think now is as good a time as any to do a little comparison between the three candidates – and then, of course, provide my own editorial comment:

Lil Amos: 

  • 8 years as a law clerk
  • 16 months as the Council Attorney
  • Balance working for himself as attorney


  • Marine Corps veteran
  • 31 Years Working for Chevron


  • 33  years as a Hairstylist
  • 24 years as a business owner

            Since lil Amos clearly has a disdain for those with less than a full college education and those who work in the trades, let’s take a look at lil Amos’s professional history.  First, he wanted to be a priest.  That didn’t work.  He went to law school and graduated number 167 out of 170 – bottom 2% of his class (in other words – 166 people made better grades than him and 3 people made worse grades).  He clerked for a judge for 8 years.  He worked as the council attorney for 16 months until he was fired for not doing his job, according to several council members in office at the time.  Judge Conner held the position for years with absolutely no problems or issues.  He ran for Judge in 2010 and lost.  Then he ran in 2012 for Judge and lost.  He has been sanctioned for taking an unfounded legal position by a judge in his own divorce case.  His website identifies his home address as the address of his law practice.  Since becoming president, he and his legal department have lost nearly all substantive cases and motions in the 4 vendetta lawsuits and in his various lawsuits with the DA, council, and contractors.

            Clearly, Mr. Cormier believes that a person that has only a high school diploma is not qualified to be parish president.  I don’t know about you, but I know several men and women without college degrees in our great parish who have built successful businesses because of their determination and work ethic, and I would LOVE for them to run for Parish President.  My guess is they are insulted by lil Amos’s elitist and condescending attitude.

            Finally, Mr. Turner was omitted from any mention in the poll. I asked about why Mr. Turner was not part of the poll and the gentleman’s response was mam the questions are about the Parish President race between Amos Cormier and Kirk Lepine ?????   Why was Mr. Turner left out of a Parish President race that he is running in?   I guess lil Amos figured that Mr. Turner was not even worth mentioning.   I finished the poll because I wanted to see how much crazier it would get.

Bet yall are wondering how I answered those questions.??   Well it went something like this Sorry Sir, I disagree with your comments on lil Amos.  He said you can only agree or strongly agree, disagree is not an option. I said well he graduated the bottom three of his class, could care less that he can speak multiple languages because I only speak one, He never had a successful law practice and he is a failure as our Parish President!!!! So, sorry sir, do you agree or strongly agree with the above question?  SMH 

Please do your homework fellow parishioners and speak to Burghart Turner or Kirk Lepine and vote for one of these guys as Our Next Parish President!


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