The Truth on lil Amos’s recent video

Time to tell the truth lil Amos and stop making things up on the fly……..

By now you’ve received what many are calling the most ingenious campaign mailer in Plaquemines’ history.  Lill Amos and his vindictive litigation that has wasted thousands of dollars of your money.  In a desperate attempt to recover from the knock out punch, he posted what may be the most ridiculous response of all time.  He claims that in 2011, Councilman Lepine was one of 9 who voted to hire Mr. Barnett.  Really?  Let’s take a closer look at the hiring.

What was going on in 2011?  You may remember that the council had appointed a charter commission to re-write and amend the Parish Charter.  After the commission was appointed and moved for the Charter to be placed on the ballot, the Council hired Mr. Barnett to fight that move.  His employment had nothing to do with the lawsuits that were filed 5 years later.  After the litigation over the Charter (which Barnett lost by the way – what a surprise), he remained on as Council attorney for a short period of time until the Council got fed up with his billing practices (another shocker) and fired him.  Sometime in 2013?  Anyway, Barnett sued the Parish for over $100,000 in attorney fees for his so-called work.

This lawsuit languished for years.  In 2015, Amos Cormier, Jr. filed a lawsuit against Billy Nungesser alleging the now infamous “violation of Charter Rule 7.06” and fraud, misuse of public funds, etc.  The Coach took full responsibility for that lawsuit with his somewhat famous “the buck stops here – I authorized the lawsuit” quote.  At least he took responsibility for the action – unlike his son.  Well, Mr. Barnett slithers back into the picture – cuts a deal with the Coach – gets paid about $60,000 of his old fees, and proceeds with the witch hunt.  Mr. Barnett prepares (but does not file) a suit against some 50 defendants – names another 160 property owners – and readies it for filing.  News of the lawsuit leaks out and all hell breaks loose.  Calls come pouring into elected officials inquiring about the lawsuits.

So instead of filing this lawsuit, the now interim administration files 4 “test cases” against those lucky enough to win the “revenge” lottery.  The lawsuits were filed under the direction of Ed Theriot in October 2016 (interestingly, right before the election where Lil Amos succeeded to the throne).  During the campaign, Lil Amos promises he will investigate the lawsuits and dismiss them if they had no merit.  That did not happen and the rest is “talking campaign card” history.

I’ve spoken with my attorney friends, and the consensus is that if lil Amos had dismissed the suits within 2 or 3 months of taking office, it is highly unlikely that the Courts would have imposed sanctions against the PPG and quite frankly, with the short-term attention span of the public, the suits would have been forgotten and just another closed chapter in Plaquemines history.  That would have been the proper decision.  But lil Amos instead chooses controversy and vindictiveness over rationality in making decisions.  If that fact is not evident to you at this point, heaven help us.

Oh yeah – and by the way – former Parish President Ed Theriot testified that he filed the lawsuits because that is what Coach Cormier wanted.

See the link below of Mr. Theriot’s court transcripts


Early voting continues through Tuesday, October 30th.  Vote wisely my fellow residents.  The continued prosperity of Plaquemines depends on it.

Be sure to stay tuned today as we have our own video that we would like to share with everyone.  Have a Great Day !!!!


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