Calgon Take Me Away !!!!


Folks – I thought for sure Lil Amos had hit the pinnacle of embarrassing our Parish with his recent rant at the October 11, 2018 council meeting.  I was wrong.  You have to watch for yourself – – the Port Meeting of October 25, 2018 – starting about 55 minutes in.   A video is worth a million words.  As a backdrop, the council as the sole governing authority of the Plaquemines Port, Harbor & Terminal District voted to enter a cooperative endeavor agreement with Plaquemines Liquids Terminal, L.L.C. (Tall Grass Energy, L.L.C. being a major partner) that will result in a $1.2 billion dollar  ( Yes Billion with a B ) storage terminal being built on property that will be owned by the Port.   Revenue, jobs, economic development – what’s not to love?  It is a win – win – win for everyone.  Bond counsel from Foley Udell – the premier bond firm in the state – was present at the meeting.  Representatives of Tall Grass Energy were present at the meeting.  What does lil Amos and his legal team decide to do?  Make total jackasses out of themselves and embarrass our Parish to death.  See the clip below.  Please look closely at Little Lord Fauntleroy – when Shane Landry makes his first “Snake in the Tall Grass” comment, lil Amos burst into laughter.  Apparently, he thinks this is all one big joke.

            Representatives of Tall Grass Energy were present at the meeting.  Can you imagine what was going through their heads when they witnessed this insane and childish behavior?  Remember – these are the folks that want to invest $1.2 billion in our Parish.  And they are accused of being “snakes in the Tall Grass”?  Insanity has just been given a new definition

        Kudos to our assessor Belinda Hazel for very politely and professionally taking Peter Barbee to the woodshed during the meeting.  She corrected him on the facts that he was trying to distort.  See the video about 57 minutes in.  Thank you, Ms. Hazel, for a job well done.


            If after watching this display, you still want to vote for lil Amos, nothing on this planet will change your mind.  Just remember that when the mosquitoes are biting and the grass isn’t cut in the years to come, with promises that higher oil prices “are just around the corner.”

Please, Please, Please vote for anybody but Amos.  The future of Plaquemines depends on it.

One thought on “Calgon Take Me Away !!!!”

  1. I hope that everyone gets out to vote so this insane, childless behavior stops n Plaquemines Parish citizens can again, hold their heads up and be proud to live here. Theses “grudges” need to stop. Start acting like adults instead of children!


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