People have spoken

Well, the People of Plaquemines Parish have spoken and 73% of them voted for Anybody But Amos.

People we need to remember this race is not over and we will need to Pay attention to what is going on and continue to march forward to Elect Anybody But Amos on December 8th.

We would like to Thank Mr. Burghart for Focusing on Plaquemines Parish and running a clean campaign.  We have no doubt that Mr. Turner would have been a strong leader for the People of Plaquemines Parish.

At this time we need to stay Positive and Focus on the Parish and we look forward to working with Mr. Turner in the future.  Mr. Lepine and Mr. Turner have shared the same ideas and beliefs in regards to unifying and moving  Plaquemines Parish Forward.  They both want what is best for the People of Plaquemines and the future leaders of Our Parish, Our Children.

Let’s close this post with Burghart’s Motto and let’s all remember it going forward

Do NO harm

Do ALL that YOU can

and let’s find a way to make the Government work for the People!

God Bless


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