The Truth on lil Amos’s recent video

Time to tell the truth lil Amos and stop making things up on the fly……..

By now you’ve received what many are calling the most ingenious campaign mailer in Plaquemines’ history.  Lill Amos and his vindictive litigation that has wasted thousands of dollars of your money.  In a desperate attempt to recover from the knock out punch, he posted what may be the most ridiculous response of all time.  He claims that in 2011, Councilman Lepine was one of 9 who voted to hire Mr. Barnett.  Really?  Let’s take a closer look at the hiring.

What was going on in 2011?  You may remember that the council had appointed a charter commission to re-write and amend the Parish Charter.  After the commission was appointed and moved for the Charter to be placed on the ballot, the Council hired Mr. Barnett to fight that move.  His employment had nothing to do with the lawsuits that were filed 5 years later.  After the litigation over the Charter (which Barnett lost by the way – what a surprise), he remained on as Council attorney for a short period of time until the Council got fed up with his billing practices (another shocker) and fired him.  Sometime in 2013?  Anyway, Barnett sued the Parish for over $100,000 in attorney fees for his so-called work.

This lawsuit languished for years.  In 2015, Amos Cormier, Jr. filed a lawsuit against Billy Nungesser alleging the now infamous “violation of Charter Rule 7.06” and fraud, misuse of public funds, etc.  The Coach took full responsibility for that lawsuit with his somewhat famous “the buck stops here – I authorized the lawsuit” quote.  At least he took responsibility for the action – unlike his son.  Well, Mr. Barnett slithers back into the picture – cuts a deal with the Coach – gets paid about $60,000 of his old fees, and proceeds with the witch hunt.  Mr. Barnett prepares (but does not file) a suit against some 50 defendants – names another 160 property owners – and readies it for filing.  News of the lawsuit leaks out and all hell breaks loose.  Calls come pouring into elected officials inquiring about the lawsuits.

So instead of filing this lawsuit, the now interim administration files 4 “test cases” against those lucky enough to win the “revenge” lottery.  The lawsuits were filed under the direction of Ed Theriot in October 2016 (interestingly, right before the election where Lil Amos succeeded to the throne).  During the campaign, Lil Amos promises he will investigate the lawsuits and dismiss them if they had no merit.  That did not happen and the rest is “talking campaign card” history.

I’ve spoken with my attorney friends, and the consensus is that if lil Amos had dismissed the suits within 2 or 3 months of taking office, it is highly unlikely that the Courts would have imposed sanctions against the PPG and quite frankly, with the short-term attention span of the public, the suits would have been forgotten and just another closed chapter in Plaquemines history.  That would have been the proper decision.  But lil Amos instead chooses controversy and vindictiveness over rationality in making decisions.  If that fact is not evident to you at this point, heaven help us.

Oh yeah – and by the way – former Parish President Ed Theriot testified that he filed the lawsuits because that is what Coach Cormier wanted.

See the link below of Mr. Theriot’s court transcripts


Early voting continues through Tuesday, October 30th.  Vote wisely my fellow residents.  The continued prosperity of Plaquemines depends on it.

Be sure to stay tuned today as we have our own video that we would like to share with everyone.  Have a Great Day !!!!


Gone Fishing?????

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Looks like there was a good time had by all.  Don’t recall hearing about these field trips during his President Address.   I will need to go back and relisten

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Hey, and let’s not forget his public tax dollar paid “campaign” flyer that he put out last week.  And keep those pictures coming of him campaigning in his Parish paid vehicle.   I can not wait to divulge those.   

 Don’t forget early voting starts on Tuesday and remember to vote for Mr. Lepine or Mr. Turner for our next Parish President of Plaquemines Parish

Truth be told

The Truth about the Bickford Case


Last summer, during budget review, lil Amos promised us he would “increase” the amount of BP recovery by skinning the fee that was due to those “New Orleans” lawyers Martzell & Bickford.  He did not pay the attorneys a dime, so they sued the PPG for their fees.  Lil Amos paid Andy Wilson some taxpayer’s money to fight them, but ultimately ended up giving them everything that was in their contract, plus they got $50,000 in interest.  So he claims the PPG is going to be $2 to $3 million richer, but after litigating the matter for over a year, ultimately settles with them for 100% of the claimed amount plus $50,000?  And let’s not forget the amount we have paid to Andy Wilson to litigate this matter.  What’s up with that?  I thought his legal expertise was going to save the parish some money?  Looks like to me the only thing his legal expertise is doing is making a few lawyers a couple of extra bucks while he practices law on our dime.

            PS – as an aside, he brags this his administration “has not filed a single lawsuit” – but let me ask you this, if you did not pay your house note, your credit card bill, your light bills, child support, medical bills, and other debts, and all those people sued you, and you went into court and you said  to the judge “But – your honor – I did not file a single lawsuit” – how far up your backside do you think the judge would plant his boot in response to that argument?   Please note that he does not say that his administration has LOST almost every lawsuit filed against the PPG.

            This lawsuit silliness has to stop.  It certainly does nothing to attract new business here, he has made us the laughing stock of Louisiana, and quite frankly creates a very divisive atmosphere within our community.

            Attached are excerpts from the settlement and the contract with the attorneys.




Please look over the attached documents which should answer your questions in regards to lil Amos bragging about settling the largest case in Plaquemines Parish History.  We actually lost money by lil Amos putting his legal touch on the case  !! When lil Amos was asked what will happen when the truth comes out that the Parish actually loss money on the Bickford Case.  His response was ” no one will know” he claimed that the case had been sealed.  Yall enjoy reading that “sealed” document above, looks like someone forgot to seal it.

Remember lil Amos has failed us as Parish President and it is time to vote him out.   Please, consider Lepine or Turner for Plaquemines Parish President and show lil Amos the door.

Leader or Politician?

 Leader or a Politician?

Let’s see how he has handled the Mid-Barataria Sediment Diversion Project.

This proposed project has been in the planning and discussion stage for at least the last 4 years or so.

Anyone who serves as Parish President is expected to have a project of this size on their radar.  A project like this will affect a significant part of our parish, with a cost supposedly over a billion dollars that involved coastal restoration work which is vital to the future of Plaquemines Parish.  Very important, right? Critical.

Did lil  Amos get involved with this critical project when he became Parish President in January of 2017?  The answer is simple – NO.

We have been able to get a copy of a letter from the Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority (CPRA) dated July 5, 2018, written to lil  Amos.

Here it is –Please click on the link to read the letter to lil Amos

7.5.18. J.Bradberry correspondence to A.Cormier-


For the year and a half lil Amos was in office he failed to contact CPRA or get involved in this critical project.  He didn’t attend meetings or send a representative to the meeting with our position and so forth.   This was at a time when the project was being discussed, planned,  and our parish’s input and concerns could have been heard.

When does he finally get involved?
 When his re-election becomes an issue and he chooses to play politics with the people of Plaquemines Parish, especially the fisherman.
Remember the fisherman were upset with him as they had just found out that lil Amos had purchased several thousand dollars of seafood from an out of town company instead of giving them the business for his Big News with a Twist Event.  But to be fair,  lil Amos did ask several local companies if they would be willing to donate any seafood but never offered to pay for any seafood.   So what does he do?   He decides to make political hay and he jumped on board the anti-diversion train hoping that the people were not smart enough to remember that his position has always been pro diversion.
Shouldn’t we have a Parish President who gets involved early on projects that will have a significant impact on us?
Why wait until it becomes a political issue for him to get involved?

Kinda like checking the wind direction first before you go out sailing.

We need a parish leader who will be involved in all stages of critical projects such as this one and not someone who only does so when he thinks it can help him with an election.

It is very clear that lil Amos is a politician first and foremost – and not a leader.
It is time for a change.

Is this a leader? YOU make the call !

Little Lord Fauntleroy

At the council meeting, Little Lord Fauntleroy had a meltdown.  See, the PPG owns all the buildings that house the assessor, Clerk’s Office, the Judges, and the District Attorney.  The PPG is responsible for maintenance of those buildings.  But apparently lil Amos, in his now almost 2-year-old war with the District Attorney, feels that the money to repair the DA’s building (which has pretty much been condemned) should come from the DA’s operating budget.   Apparently, in a prior meeting, the council in a hasty decision approved lil Amos’s request to stick the knife in – not very deep – but still stuck it in.  At the October 11 council meeting, the Council reversed itself and voted to honor the PPG’s obligation to repair its buildings and returned the $15,000 to the DA’s operating budget.  You can watch Mr. Cormier – uh oh – I mean lil “President” Cormier (as he corrected Ms. Williams) – in the video clip below.

Oh yes – as a side note – this meltdown occurred while a representative of Venture Global – the Company that has paid the Port $6 million in option payments to lease Port property so that it can build a billion-dollar LNG facility – was in the audience.  I bet that representative was impressed!  But since lil “Mr. Honorable President” Amos Cormier would rather see the Port fail than succeed, his antics, ravings and generally immature behavior to him are of no moment?  The King has no clothes!


One more sidebar – there was much mention at the council meeting about once again dipping into BP funds for the 2018 budget.  This Parish is a slow-motion train wreck waiting to happen.  There are no real capital projects on the books (the Belle Chasse water project being an exception) PLUS we still must dip into BP funds to make ends meet.  Lil Amos refuses to consider restructuring this government to live within our means, and his economic plan is to hope the price of oil and parish oil production increases.  But meanwhile he spends his time bashing the port and its efforts to bring new business into the parish, deflecting and spinning negative news stories about his administration, waging war against the DA and the poor souls who are the targets of his lawsuits, and feeding his own ego by regularly reminding people that he should be referred to as “President” Cormier.  Take a look at Calcasieu and Cameron parishes – they are doing it right.  It’s simple – We face a future of paying double or even triple our current property taxes unless (1) we do more with less; combined with  (2)  a new revenue stream for the Parish Government.  So far, lil Amos does not offer any hope of either.

Vote wisely in November my friends.

Timing is Everything

Timing is Everything and Your Time is Up 

I see all the buzz around Facebook today in regards to the Plaquemines Parish Debates last night so I decided to put my two cents in. Let me start by saying everyone did a Good Job. It’s not easy having all eyes on you hanging on to your every word.

I will say this it seems that Burghart Turner and Kirk Lepine are definitely front-runners in this race according to Facebook.  People are tired of hearing your cries lil Amos about a manpower shortage and I agree with Lepine and Burghart this is a leadership issue, not a manpower shortage.  Both Mr. Lepine and Mr. Turner stated that they would contact the State and sign the NON NEGOTIABLE contract for grass cutting along the right of ways.  Mr. Turner even elaborated a little more and talked about how the money that lil Amos turned down from the state could have paid for 7 to 9 employees to cut the medians and right of ways.  Mr. Lepine went on to state that we have not hired any additional employees in that department but all of a sudden the grass within the last couple of weeks has gotten cut.

Makes you wonder if lil Amos is just cutting the grass because it is election time?  We have suffered as a community for almost two years and he now has the same amount of employees as he had 2 years, 1 year, 6months, 3 months ago but now the grass can get cut ???   Hey, and let us not forget we are cutting grass for free as lil Amos doesn’t feel the amount the State wanted to pay us is sufficient!  Someone out there Please explain this one to me.   $180K a year paid to the parish to keep right of ways cuts versus don’t sign the contract and you get paid nothing.  Anyone want to guess which option lil Amos picked????

Yep,  he picked Option zero dollars.

He did give us a little shout out.  Lil Amos just loves that we are trying to keep him honest during this campaign as he has trouble doing that.  Kinda forgets who he told what to, who he can trust, who he can’t trust.   When you watch the debate you will see  he finally admits that maybe he did not settle the largest settlement in Plaquemines Parish History  and admits that “maybe it was just a question of timing.”   Love it, Love it, Love it!!!

So here is my question to you lil Amos when are you going to correct your false political ads?




We Deserve Better than Amos Cormier




The Wheels on the Bus


The Wheels on the Bus Go Round and Round, Round and Round……………

Well Well. Lil Amos has taken his embarrassing tour outside the borders of our great Parish.  Last night on Channel 4, he actually stood by the decision to pursue the 4 lawsuits against former Parish employees, stating that “it was easy to second guess people, you know – to play Monday morning quarterback.”  Well – since Lil Amos loves football analogies so much – his handling of the lawsuits has been disastrous – the same as if Sean Payton would have put Drew Brees on the bench for the Monday Night Football game.  Lil Amos promised us he would do the cost-benefit analysis.  He lied.  He put Drew Brees on the bench.  And now you, the taxpayer, are paying for that decision.  Monday Morning Quarterback?  Hell yes – I will play that role.

In an interview with WWL-TV, Cormier stood by the decision to pursue the failed lawsuits, some of which the parish has appealed.

“Look, it’s easy to second-guess people, you know, and play Monday morning quarterback,” Cormier III said.

Click on the link above to see the news clip and make sure to listen real good when  Peter throws Ed Theriot under the bus and lil Amos continues betting on a losing game with our tax dollars.

It is time for a change.   Plaquemines Parish, WE DESERVE BETTER than lil Amos!!!!
Please remember to Vote for Kirk Lepine or Burghart Turner for Parish President in the November election. The Future of our Parish depends on it.